Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We have been examining and exploring the various ways that you all have of letting your higher selves in and becoming that fifth-dimensional version of yourselves that you are destined to become on a full-time basis. We have noticed that you are most likely to let your higher self take over during times when you are laughing, playing, and letting go of all the cares that you have, all the worries, and even all of the goals that you have set for yourselves.

You become your true self when you simply let go of all that has been bogging you down and keeping you from fully enjoying your life. We also witness those who are trying so very hard to become their higher selves, to ascend before the timing is right. And we see those individuals struggling for the most part to even catch a glimpse of that fifth-dimensional energy. 

Now, what we are saying to you is that it is possible to live, act, think, and know as your higher self does while you are still there in the fourth dimension, waiting for the rest of humanity to be ready to shift. And we are also saying that there are those who are struggling and striving to break free from the limitations of the fourth dimension before they are ready to do so, and certainly before the rest of humanity is ready. 

You must have discovered through your own trials and tribulations at this point in your lives that trying and efforting usually keep you stuck right where you are, whereas letting go, surrendering and looking for the joy in the moment are the keys to unlocking the kingdom of heaven that exists within you. You are there to try and try again so that you can come to this realization on your own. 

You want to notice how much easier life is when you let things unfold in their perfect timing, and you are there to enjoy the journey. You are there to enjoy the ride to the fifth-dimensional realm, the fifth-dimensional frequency range. And so, even with all the chaos and all the turmoil that you are experiencing on planet Earth at this time, you still must find a way to lighten up if you are ever going to get through this with your sanity.

You all need to let go right now of trying to figure it out, trying to assess blame, trying to see patterns and connect dots. Go outside and have a good time. That is our prescription for all of you. That is how you will get inspired, and that is definitely how you will get a taste of what it is to be your higher self, your fifth-dimensional self, right here and right now, with no need for an event or a solar flash. Give yourselves that taste and see how sweet it is when you look for more opportunities to laugh, to sing, to play, and to experience joy in your lives in all of its many forms.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Juergen Weber

Von Juergen Weber

Vor 30 Jahren wollte ich wissen ob Gott echt besteht. Ich verzichtete direkt auf Fleischkonsum und reinigte meinen Körper. Ein riesiges Opfer für mich damals. Danach durfte ich...

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