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Why would you follow only a part of your multilayered world and make that a favorite of yours, to become it. Because you become, what you meditate on.

Why having a cheap stale beer, if you could have the most delicious and expensive champagne?

Does it mean, I Am expensive? Yes, I Am – I cost you your total ego.

What is your ego? It is your mind and the idea that you are it, and your body too. But they are only borrowed instruments to experience your world.

So all I cost is your unhappy body-mind that you withhold from Me, instead of surrendering it to Me, so that I can Pervade it with My Radiant, Blissful Self-Power to liberate you from all little self-referring  gestures of un-love, to fully expand within Me, self-surrendered, so that there is no longer a difference between you and Me, you: fully dissolved in Me, gradually though.

Then everywhere this feeling of My Ultimate Divine Champagne, Love, Bliss, Ecstasy. Fulfillment, forgetting any kind of stale beer, because I have infilled you with Me.

Otherwise, if you would choose the stale beer, you would remain an ordinary body-mind, a self-confined object that gazes at the bottle with the beer: two self-contained bottles in the picture of duality, the glass bottle with beer in it and the skin of yours with bones and flesh in it (which you think you are), and all kinds of emotions and energies, including subtle energies, perhaps (in case you feel them), and many of them blocked, the energies not flowing freely, and thoughts of all kinds flushing through your brain, including thoughts about Me.

But you can have as many thoughts about Me as you like. It will not change your perception of the beer bottle as a separate object, as long as you perceive Me as separate from you.  And the two of us remain separate „beings“ in your imagination, because you merely think of Me. Me and you.

How come this idea of separateness? It is the mind’s game. And what you think becomes your reality. And the whole world seems to deliver you the prove of what you are convinced to be.


Such is the nature of the great wizard, that is your mind. But still you can choose which path you want to go.

If you desire My Path, from the depth of your heart, I will find ways to reach out to you, so that you can find Me.

And do not judge, and do not be blind! My Divine Sign could be found and expressed anywhere and trough anyone.

Listen with your heart and do not let your mind decide. If you do, you are not yet really ready for Me.

So better silently and with deep heart-intent discover My Sign and follow Me.

I Am your All-Radiant and All-Present God-Self, but If you think I am something like your enlarged ego or body-mind, I Am not your God-Self! From My Side there is Only Me, Only Light, I Am Everything, including your body-mind. But from your side, the separate body-mind,  I Am beyond it.

In your meditations you are being told to enlarge your energy field. But that’s just all about you. It is  not Me. I Am not found there. You must even go absolutely beyond that enlarged field, and even if it comprises the whole universe. How would you do that?

You can’t! You would always try from the center of your body-mind. And you cannot think beyond your body-mind. Even if you tell your mind, to do so. Because it is still mind. Even the „thought-less“ gap between your inhale and exhale still exists within the realm of mind! Your are trapped!

And every thought intent that chooses the „here“ and „now“ is of the domain of the mind.

I Am beyond all of that. So do not think you can carry Me around like a slave of yours, God here and God there, and “I have God in my grip”. If you do  I remain certainly un-reachable! Because you don’t look for Me As I Am.

How you come to Me? Only with My Divine Help and Grace. I Am the (Only) One to draw you to Me beyond the body-mind. Is this not obvious! But how?

Look for the True Divine Master! He Is ego-less and Shows you the Truth, as He Is Me, to draw you beyond yourself to Me, to Reveal to you Your Own True Divine Nature.

If you only could let go your deeply ingrained prejudices  and deeply mislead ideas, put collectively into your mind and into your cellular Consciousness for generations, to never find Me as I Am.

It Is My Grace Alone that sets you free from these programs of false teachings and beliefs. But your heart must consent.

I Am your God-Self! The sweetest Taste you ever Taste!

Message conveyed by

Ute Shan’A’Maa  



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