Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so very aware of the changes that are occurring there on Earth that have yet to show up in your physical reality and in your physical experience of reality. We know that the changes that have occurred within each and every one of you do not have an immediate reflection in the mirror that is the universe outside of you, and we know that this can cause a person to doubt whether the changes that they have experienced are in fact real. We want you to be able to trust your feelings and your internal experience of reality above all else. Therefore, there will be times when it is better for you not to look outside of yourselves for the evidence that you seek.

We are talking about evidence of the fact that you have made a shift within yourself. Now is one of those times when it serves you so much more just to focus inwardly on what you feel and how you can feel you have already shifted. We are talking about shifting your vibration, shifting from being more mind-oriented to being more heart-centered, and being all about your ego to being one with your higher self. These types of shifts that happen internally cause you to experience a different external reality, but you still live at a time when it takes time for that reflection to show up, and therefore, you must be patient. You must be patient with so much there on Earth.

You must be patient with yourselves, with each other, with the shift in consciousness. You especially need to be patient when it comes to manifestation. All impatience does is say to the universe that you don’t believe that it’s coming, and if you don’t believe something is coming, then it’s less likely to come. So what can you do then with this world of yours that doesn’t change fast enough to keep up with you? And how can you live your lives without all of the manifestations that you have coming to you, but that are taking longer than you would like? You work with what is right in front of you. You do what you can in the moment, and you get creative. You make the most out of the hand you are currently dealt, and you recognize that everything you want to see out there in the quote/unquote ‘real world,’ is already inside of you anyway.

So why wait? Why wait for something to show up in your experience so that you can feel joy when joy is a button that you push inside of your very own chakra system? Why wait for there to be peace in all places on planet Earth before you decide that you want to be peace. You want to feel peace and exude peace because peace feels good. So you cannot just look outside of you after meditating on peace for ten days straight and expect to see that the entire world is now at peace.

You keep the peace within yourself because you have determined that it is what you want to feel and how you want to feel. And then you be patient. You see, if you do everything only because you expect what you are doing to have an impact on the world outside of you, then you’re not doing what you are doing for the joy of it.

And if you are not following your joy, then you are living in a conditional way that does not serve you. Therefore, you need to know and trust that you are having the impact you want to have, and you need to be patient. And while you’re being patient, go live your lives. Have fun; explore all aspects of life that are available to you right now, and you will not be disappointed. You will be an ambassador of Source, which is what you are truly there to be.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Juergen Weber

Von Juergen Weber

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