Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are feeling very good about the transformations that we have witnessed throughout the month of August. We know that some of you will be asking yourselves the question of, ‘Did I do it? Did I transform?’ Please recognize that you are always doing it; you are always transforming. You are always becoming the higher version of yourselves. You are always moving closer to Source. 

This process that is ongoing will not always show you the immediate results that you all desire. We know that you have certain expectations for yourselves in terms of when you are going to be able to do this or access that. Be patient with yourselves and be patient with the process. It took a very long time of human life on planet Earth to get you to where you are now. So please remember that when you start to feel impatience creeping in.

Looking forward now to the month of September, you can all see this upcoming month as one that will give you many opportunities to access more of your galactic self. September will be a time where you will recognize more of your extra-terrestrial heritage. You will start to feel more like you are an e.t. You will demonstrate to yourselves that you have certain characteristics that you associate with different e.t. groups. 

You will realize once and for all that everything that is out there is also inside of you. You will continue to make contact with e.t.s while you are asleep, but the contact will be different, and it will be more memorable. You will begin to access more of your memories from your e.t. lifetimes, and you will begin to access more of the gifts and abilities that you honed while in other star systems.

You will also of course also be getting closer and closer to more personal contact in the waking state in your physical bodies. September is also going to be a huge month for humanity as a whole, and you will continue to get closer to that time of full open contact with e.t.s because of what you all do. Those of you who are awake have been given the label of the Awakened Collective by us, and we just want to assure you that it is an appropriate title. It means you will always be the ones who go forth ahead of the pack to trail-blaze, to make it possible for others to awaken and to have their own e.t. contact experiences. 

Therefore, it is yet another time to get excited about, and it will always be the right time to enjoy your baby steps forward, as this is a long journey that you are on, and it is one that is meant to be savored. It is meant to be appreciated for whatever it is in the moment, and as you do that, you will notice that you become timeless. You can transcend that dimension of time and become fifth-dimensional right now, and that’s what we will always urge you to do. Becoming more aware of your e.t. lifetimes is just a part of an enormous journey of ascension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Juergen Weber

Von Juergen Weber

Vor 30 Jahren wollte ich wissen ob Gott echt besteht. Ich verzichtete direkt auf Fleischkonsum und reinigte meinen Körper. Ein riesiges Opfer für mich damals. Danach durfte ich...

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